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We're in the business of building exciting things, if you are too, then get in touch with us.


We're a small start up out of Canada's prairies.

Front Row Software is a proudly Canadian start-up, established in Calgary, Alberta. Since 2013 we have been one of the leading innovators within Calgary's software development scene. We have built and deployed various projects from our small downtown office and continue to lead when it comes to innovation.

Our apps have been running on more than 100,000 iOS devices and our recent employment aggregate website (JobTorch.net) is getting ready to take over the world! We are in the business of building exciting things, if you are too then contact us, we love to hear from you!

We're a small start up, poised to do big things. Do you want to build something exciting but don't know where to start? give us a call!


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#203 - 1111 - 6th ave sw
Calgary, Alberta - T2P 5M5

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